Tridhara Happiness Retreat

Tridhara Happiness Retreat , is a 5 Day intensive self work program which is carefully designed to take you through a journey of self-reflection and giving you the tools to have the courage to break the stereotype and create a more meaningful life, It allow you to focus on balancing the body, mind, soul so that you can live a healthier, happier life.

Leave all negativity behind & Start Fresh... With new changed Mindset , increase your Positivity ... start doing things that you were procrastinating , start attracting your desires & Live the Life of your dreams.... Caught up in your busy life . Don’t you think about questions like “why am I here” , “ How can I make this life more meaningful , “What will make me feel satisfied “ and an endless list of questions about life and its purpose

The retreat will be your answer in creating a purpose for yourself, aligning the purpose to your vision and goals and then finally creating a roadmap to live it. All this in the freshness around the valley of Himalayas in Rishikesh , in Purest Ganga , along with an International trainer and founder of Elysian Wellbeinng Service.

Why this Trip?

A 5 day immersion into personal transformation, that brings together ideas and research to improve the human experience in one’s personal & professional life, with experiential workshops, international speakers and a vibrant community. It’s also a gateway to the most extraordinary breakthroughs and friendships of your life.

What are the benefits of this Rejuvenation Trip ?

To feel Alive , energetic, motivated and responsible towards your health ,recovering from stress & reigniting new energy for new year..

How to attract new opportunities, how to stay positive at all times, how to heal yourself & improve your relationship, how to attract money easily , how to be calm & compose, how to improve your intuition and activate your third eye chakra.. much more Helping you in achieving your future goals ...

Learn & Rejuvenate in Rishikesh