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Change your energy, change your life (21 days)

This program will help you enhance memory

  • Focus on improvising your helth & life style
  • Ability to handle your emotions & overcome daily Hurdles
  • Reprogram your Subconcious mind
  • Bring joy in your relationship
  • Guidance to find your purpose and unlock doors to new opportunety
  • In managing stress anger over thinking procrastination laziness self doubt
  • Attract money easely from unexpected ways

Self Love & Confidence

The most important relationship you will have in this world is with your-self. .

Self-Love is when you love yourself, when you appreciate accept trust and belive in oneself. You try to improvise in a positive way. Get a positive attitude , get better insight of who you are and learn to appreciate your worth.

Magical Relationship

For the first time ever you will realise how your physical body interconnected with your spritual body.

  • Building trust,Respect, commitment and emotional closeness.
  • Retain your individuality
  • Re-discovering and focusing on the positive in your partner.
  • Understanding and managing conflict.
  • Creating shared meaning, life goals and dreams.
  • Sharing appreciation and fondness for each other.

Tarot Card Reading

Know what lies in your Future & Book your Session for Tarot Card Reading , by Apeksha who is a born psychic , Claire Sentient with very strong intuitions . She has clients across the world including Canada , Dubai & USA. Question like What Career you should choose , When will you get married , should you switch your current job , Which type of business is suitable for you... Whether this Relationship will lead to marriage Etc.

Postive Parents-Child relationship

In this fast paced life it is very important to built a loving & trustworthy relationship with your child .

  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Balancing Love and Discipline
  • Effective Parent-Child Communication
  • Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem
  • Handling Sibling Rivalry
  • How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two
  • “No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!” Effectively Handling Power Struggles Tell Them What To Do, Not What To Don’t


  • You will be able to identify the fears that hinder you from effective exam preparation and know how to deal with them
  • Your coach will work with you to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses,
  • Will provide you tools and techniques to overcome stress, peer presure and
  • Sharpen your focus , enhance your memory perform well in examination

7 Chakra & Crystal healing program

A Unique 41 days spiritual Health Program Understand the significance of chakras & it's relation with Physical , Mental & Spiritual Health. Learn to attract Money & prosperity easily. Different breathing & meditation techniques. Also , Experience Crystal Healing , magical effectsof beej mantra & Energy circles . .

Detox Yourself - Food , Information , People etc.

Consious Recreation ( 90 days full transformation Program ) allow you to focus on balancing the body, mind, soul so that you can live a healthier, happier life

Learn about real relaxation and meaningfulness as you gain the most transformation skills and tools of Mind-Body Medicine and Positive Psychology.

This program will help to bring harmony and peace in your life . Achieve your Fitness & Health Goals , It elevates far beyond the physical and empowers you to take back control of their health, Career Goals and Relationships Goals , discover their Passion , Create a life filled with joy and serenity.

Through participation, support and self-reflection you will transform and awaken to living with intention and loving your life in each and every moment.

In Consious Recreation you will explore :

Intension setting & Subconscious Reprogramming Mindsets shift , Power of pause & Clarity Focus , Faith over fear . Mindfulness Positive thinking & Nurture self narrative . Activate Subconcious mind power for money and Success To achive your life goals And become a blissfull

  • You will build a toolkit of management resources that enhance your resiliency and help you face challenges and stresses of life with grace and ease.
  • You will learn techniques and teachings which meld the wisdom of ancient traditions, eastern healing and western medicine to allow you to bring balance to body, mind and spirit

Spiritual Awakening (Find your Purpose)

  • What is psychic ability and how does it work?
  • Learn essential skills, exercises and how to protect yourself
  • Identify your abilities and skills and find out what are your strongest gift
  • Start developing your skills and senses
  • Learn how to ask and receive healing and guidance
  • Lets get practical - lets put this knowledge you have gained to good use and get started!
  • How to utilise what you have learnt to benefit you in everyday life

What you will learn : -

  • You will learn exercises that will help you tap into your own psychic ability
  • Connect with your Guides and Source
  • Learn how to protect yourself
  • You will to explore and get in touch with your senses and find out your strengths
  • Look at different modalities including reading cards, auras, pendulums and more
  • You will feel more confident in your abilities and be open to receive messages and guidance from Source
  • Different meditation techniques Awakening chants and different yoga asanas detox diets and different rituals including candles, essential oils, crystals.

Health and nutrition Program

A Unique 60 days Physical Health Program which is focussed upon Weight Gain, Weight Loss & Maintaining Good Physical Health . Every big disease is a cause of negative energy & continues stress over mind and body. You can change your current physical state by making small changes in your lifestyle. Detox Yourself - Food , Information , People etc.

School & College Development Events

Engage and focus each person’s innate curiosity and imagination to foster a lifelong love of learning. Our workshops offer tools and techniques that educators & students can implement to help students develop their creative, collaborative, artistic, and writing skills, as well as out-of-the-box thinking, self-confidence, leadership, and respect for peers.

career counselling

Coach Vicky will be guiding you understand how to make your passion your profession. Student decides about career without even thinking about their own interest values talents and abilities. before choosing or exploring a career take few assessment & test aptitude test to understand your ability to success in your particular field.