About Us

Its an initiative to Bring balance in all the areas of Life - Psychological , physical , emotional , intellectual , environmental , financial , occupational , spiritual well-being. To help you heal , evolve & enlighten . Reach your highest potential.

We want to create an awareness about over all well being as well as in living an abundant Life. We are team of facilitators who are experienced and have various expertise in healing modalities and in wellness .

The Founder of ELYSIAN WELLBEINNG SERVICES , Apeksha Atulkar Rangire is a Psychologist by profession , Wellness & Life Coach, A Tarot Card Reader .

The CO- Founder , MR. Vicky Rangire is a Automobile & Network Engineer by Profession , Soft Skill Trainer and Career consultant.
We both are Reiki Master , Life coach , Yoga and Meditation facilitators and Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer .

Apeksha and Vicky reveals that you’re not who you’ve been—you have the potential of who you will become. And you can become anyone you choose to be. You are the co-creator of your destiny! Whether or not you realize it, your actions (or lack of action) and reactions will either blow you out into the stormy seas of life or steer you toward the most wonderful adventures you could ever dream of. The choice is yours.We has been involved with various factors affecting the Health and Lifestyle of the individual since an early age. They understand how important it is to have a balance in all the areas of Life to live a Life of abundance and Joy.

We all want to feel empowered, Strong, happy, and inspired. We all want to experience abundance, joy, excitement, and love. Some of us achieve it (or at least part of it), and others endure one letdown after another. Yet very few of us can actually create a amazing life and sustain it. It’s almost as if we’ve been programmed to believe that whatever goes up must come down. Just as our lives are beginning to take shape, we’re already gearing up for the inevitable fall . . . but we don’t have to live in this mind-set.

Our programs are developed in scientific ways and is a blend of Psychological studies and Quantum Physics and Holistic Healing of Ancient India. We have different programs for different problems and age group specifically designed for better Results. We facilitate workshops and online programs that will help you achieve your goals for ex - better job , loving spouse , improving health , attracting abundance...etc . We have been working since last two years and helped around 500 people live a happier , healthier abundant lives.

They works with their clients to help them build happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of deprivation and strictness

They will help you in achieve your goals by unique techniques of Neuro linguistics and based on Quantum Physics.

Thank you for inspiring us, to bring positivity in other people's life. Heart felt Gratitude and lots of LOVE to "Ashutosh Atulkar"