Elysian Wellbeinng Service


Elysian describes a Divinely inspired, Peacefull & Blissful state of mind . Which can be achieved by the balance of body , mind & Soul.

Our mission is to help you in living a life full of abundance in all the areas of Life - Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relationships, Finances , Career , Spiritual and Social well-being.

We help all of our clients navigate through their journeys by integrating talk therapy with traditional yoga practices and meditation.

Our Programs are developed in scientific ways and is a blend of Psychological studies and Holistic Healing of Ancient India. we have different programs for different problems and age group specifically designed for better Results.

How we work

Optimal wellbeing Sessions

Every person is on a journey toward their self growth and wellbeing. Yet, we understand that everyone faces unique hurdles from time-to-time, that interfere with our natural ability to manage emotions and/or solve problems . Through one-on-one Couselling and coaching we offer individualised solution to help you achieve and reach your wellness and life goals


We conduct wellness and motivation Workshops at wellness centers , Gyms Yoga Studios Corporate, and we work with NGO's and other organisation as well.

We have experience in management and can organize all types of corporate Schools & college event this can include creating an entire program, conference or seminar. To boost team culture, generate new business, launch a leadership program, educate your global clients & teams , or simply organize your annual company meeting we will organize an event fully tailored to your specific needs.

Elysian Wellbeinng Service

Depression , Anxiety , Stress , Anger Management

Manage your depression, Anxiety , stress and anger in a holistic way and Improve your focus .

Life & Career Transitions

Under this program you can change your whole perception about life through Personalized support and we can help you develop the skills you need to excel in career and life .

Pre Marital & Relationship Counselling

Pre Marital & Relationship Counselling helps couples devlope Affection & Physical Intimacy ,Financial Future Planning ,recognize ,resolve conflicts & improve their relationships.

Personal Growth & Development

Start your journey in a scientific and holistic way with Supportive counselling to guide you along find your purpose.

Yoga & meditation session

Through reserch based philosophy of ancient yogic and vedic science & meditation practices. you can learn the effect of body mind and soul connection.

Tarot Reading

Get your future insight by a born psychic , claire sentient. Get proper direction and make decision wisely .

Reiki,Energy & Crystal Healing Therapy

Heal yourself by removing neative debris from your aura and body . become a more postive self by healing your emotions & chakras .

Counselling one on one

Are you feeling stuck, but your are not sure ? Our team can help you begin on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Meet Apeksha & Vicky

Apeksha Atulkar is a Psychologist & Tarot card reader. Vicky & Apeksha both are Reiki Master , Life coach , Yoga and Meditation facilitators and Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer . They works with their clients to help them build happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of deprivation and strictness. Through a collaborative approach, Apeksha and Vicky with their team can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you and guide you in making gradual, lasting changes enables you to reach, and more importantly, maintain, your current and future health goals and other life goals.


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